Sacred Things: Should I Forgive a Cheating Husband? (Part 2)

Should I Forgive a Cheating Husband? (Part 2)

"Should I forgive my cheating husband?" This is a very common question in today's age. Some wives are asking this because years of broken promises have caused them to become weary. Some ask this because they just found out that their husband has been unfaithful. And for others, they cannot imagine enduring for one more the day the crushing weight of the pain. Sometimes forgiveness seems unrealistic--even unjust. The wife feels like she is just giving him a license to continue being unfaithful. When Kathy Gallagher found out that her husband had been unfaithful to her, she had a decision to make. She could make him pay for it, or she could forgive. But she yielded to God's heart of forgiveness, and since then, she has been able to guide many devastated women into the wonderful freedom that comes through forgiveness. In this video, Kathy looks at what true forgiveness is, and what it is not.

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