20 Truths: #17 The Spirit of the World Wants to Seduce You

Truth #17 - The Spirit of the World Wants to Seduce You

There is an enemy out there that is more subtle and craftier than the overt sexual sin. Millions more are addicted to it than to pornography, yet there are no self-help programs or other modern psychological solutions to be found. That enemy is what the Bible calls the “spirit of the world,” and victory over sexual addiction for the Christian comes with its defeat.

The “spirit of the world” is the underlying godless mindset steering the culture at large. That doesn’t sound like something subtle, but because we live in it every day, we have become numb to its pull. The pursuit of temporal pleasures and seemingly endless avenues for immediate entertainment have deadened our senses to evil thereby allowing its corrupting influence to dictate how we live our lives. The average Christian looks more like the average non-church goer who is more focused on the next episode of today’s popular on-demand series than obtaining his daily marching orders from the King of Kings.

Steve Gallagher explores this topic from personal testimony and Biblically unmasks the driving force in our culture. This video is an eye-opener for any Christian fighting to be free from the seductions that surround him.

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