Counseling Support Call

Are you tired of fighting and getting nowhere?

Are you having a tough time discerning which of our counseling programs or other resources is best for you?

Are you looking for guidance on how to confront your loved one’s sexual sin? When secret sin is exposed, it usually brings with it the need for sound, biblical decisions.

Such emotionally trying times make it very difficult to hear the Lord’s voice. We understand this, and offer a way to apply the wisdom and experience of our counseling staff to help you make the tough decisions you’re facing.

We call it our Counseling Support Call.

We like to think of it as a helping hand you can reach for to glean sound, biblical wisdom from someone who’s been in your shoes and has experienced the way out.

All of our counselors are trained in biblical counseling and are certified by the International Association of Biblical Counselors. The men are graduates of our Live-In Program and know what it takes to find victory over habitual sexual sin. Likewise, our female counselors have passed through the dark hopelessness and overwhelming shame that almost always accompanies sexual sin. The combination of personal victory and credible training sets our counseling staff apart.

If you’re struggling with sexual sin and need help to determine which one of our counseling programs or resources is best for you, or if you simply need guidance in dealing with someone close to you who is struggling, please contact us at 888.PURELIFE to arrange a Counseling Support Call appointment.*

* Appointments are for a 30-minute one-time only call and are pre-paid ($25) with your credit/debit card.