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At-Home Program for Wives


Have you been devastated by the pain and rejection of an unfaithful husband?

Perhaps you are coming out of a long period of confusion: your husband’s moodiness, his emotional disconnect from you and the children, his evasive answers and late nights. Now it is beginning to make sense.

Perhaps you are experiencing overwhelming and sometimes even conflicting emotions: the sense of rejection, anger over his betrayal, fear for the future, confusion about how to respond.

Whether your husband’s problem is pornography, an adulterous affair, soliciting prostitutes, or even secretly struggling with homosexuality…we can help you.

“I love where we are now and truly believe anyone can overcome this if they commit to doing so.”
“The time at PLM changed our lives forever. He had never before made me feel safe, protected and really loved, but now he does. It’s wonderful!”
“God is REAL and He was making Himself real to us both in ways we had never imagined possible. God met me in ways I had never experienced before."

Why This Program Can Be Trusted

Pure Life Ministries has been helping wives deal with the pain of unfaithful husbands for 30 years.

I used to notice my husband eyeing other women and knew he had a problem. Then bombs began dropping one by one as I discovered the seriousness of his problem.
I tried everything I could think of to keep our intimate life fresh and interesting. He just never really seemed all that interested. This left me feeling unattractive and rejected. Jenn
I couldn’t understand why he married me when he knew he never intended to be faithful. It was so unjust. Ann Marie
When he admitted the affair, the first thing I said to him was, ‘But you were my best friend, and you promised you'd never hurt me.’ Donna

There are three primary reasons the Wives Program is such a tremendous help for a heartbroken wife.

A Counselor Who Has Been There

Every Pure Life Ministries wives counselor has traversed this dark valley herself. Because she has lived through the pain, the anger and the confusion of this ordeal, she is prepared to be a compassionate and trustworthy friend for the counselee who needs support. Her personal experience gives her the ability to be a godly influence for the woman who is navigating her way through the maze of issues involved. Her own personal testimony gives her the insight and faith to show the counselee what God can do through this trying time.

Our counselors will offer the kind of sound, objective and loving advice needed during such a difficult situation.

Biblically-Based Curriculum & Counseling

All of our teaching materials come straight from the principles found in Scripture. Only our wise Heavenly Father knows how to lead us through these deep waters. And so it is to Him that our counselors turn for the wisdom they need to lead grief-stricken wives through the difficult issues they face. Each of our counselors has been trained in biblical counseling which provides a solid foundation for all of the guidance they offer.

This is particularly important because the discovery of a husband’s secret sin can often lead to overwhelming confusion. For one thing, a wife must deal with her own fluctuating emotions. One minute she might be full of anger and revulsion, but the next minute feel pity for her husband and hope for her marriage. To complicate matters, many wives also face a barrage of opinions from well-meaning friends and family members about how to handle this crisis, often leaving them feeling more lost and bewildered.

The worst thing a woman can do when such huge issues are at stake is to make decisions concerning her future based solely on emotions or the opinions of others. More than anything else, she needs to hear from the Lord. He alone has the perfect answers for her dilemma. Through prayer and Scripture, our wives counselors know how to help the woman discover God’s will for her specific situation.

A Proven Track Record

Pure Life Ministries has a long history of helping the wives of sexual addicts. In 1986, a brokenhearted wife named Rebecca asked Kathy Gallagher for help. All she needed was someone who cared, understood her dilemma and could assist her in making biblically-sound decisions. Her life with God came alive, her husband repented and our ministry to wives was birthed. Since that time, hundreds of women have found similar help with their marriages.

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