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#347 - The Church Addicted: Love for this World or for God?

As we continue our examination of why the Church is addicted, we look at Scripture's command for the believer in Jesus to forsake the world. The Apostle John wrote that “If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him." Yet this truth is often ignored, disobeyed and even sometimes renounced by the Evangelical Church as out of step with reality. But love for this world is a chief reason why the church is addicted. So in this third episode in our series The Church Addicted, we look at how to obey Scripture's command to be "in the world, but not of it."

#346 - The Church Addicted: Whatever Happened to Godly Disciplines?

At Pure Life we help men get free from life-dominating habits of sin. But what are the disciplines that makes all the difference between a man walking in victory or falling back into his sin? Welcome to the second episode in our current series: The Church Addicted, in which we’re asking the question, how did we get this way? How is it that when it comes to sexual sin in the lives of Christians, today’s Evangelical Church is no different than the world around them? This week we look at the all-important but oft-neglected disciplines that bring faithfulness and growth in the Christian life.

#345 - The Church Addicted: When Being Converted Became a Decision

The latest statistics concerning men addicted to pornography and other illicit sexual sins are staggering. 64% viewing porn at least monthly. 36% of young men watching it at least daily. 35% of men admitting that they are having an affair. The worst part? These statistics are not from unbelievers—but from people professing to be followers of Jesus. Welcome to the first episode in The Church Addicted—a series of shows where we look at how these statistics became the Church's reality.

#344 - What's Pride Got to Do With It?

People who are sincerely seeking freedom from sexual sin usually have a vague idea that there is something under the surface that needs to be dealt with--a kind of root sin that lies underneath all of their other sins. And they are right. But they are usually very surprised when they find out what it is. In this show we’re going to look at how pride relates to a man’s struggle with sin, give you an inside look at how we help men in our Residential Program identify and deal with pride, and then offer hope that there really is freedom from the root…and the fruit.

#343 - Pastors: Love Sinners While Standing Against Homosexuality

Homosexuality— this is THE issue that most churches are facing today. In today's show, Steve Gallagher and Brad Furges discuss how pastors can show loving concern for those dealing with homosexuality without compromising biblical truth. Then, Pastor Ed Buch shares how he counsels the married man who struggles with Same-Sex Attraction. We'll wrap it up with a wonderful testimony of a man who found freedom in Jesus after decades of bondage.

#342 - God's Discipline is Proof of His Great Love

Men in sexual sin desperately need the discipline of the Lord. He has to reprove us, to correct us, and even, at times, sorely chastise us. In today’s program, members of the Pure Life Staff discuss their insights into this often overlooked, but clearly biblical truth: God disciplines His children whom He loves for our own good.

#341 - When Leaders Fall: The Process of Biblical Restoration

The Bible encourages us to "imitate the faith" of our spiritual leaders. But what happens when a leader falls? In part two of our series on moral failure in the ministry, we look at the process of restoration for a leader. Former pastor Jim Lewis discusses the fear and shame that kept him from seeking help for his sexual sin. Counselor Jordan Yoshimine talks about how he counsels pastors and ministry leaders, and Pastor Ed Buch outlines from Scripture and practical experience a biblical foundation and plan for restoring a fallen leader to ministry.

#340 - Why Leaders Fall: A Story and a Conversation

A Christian leader's sexual sin affects many other lives, but the fallen leader also needs to find the hope and grace God gives. This first of two podcasts addressing moral failure in ministry tackles the reasons why sexual sin ensnares so many. Joe Doppe, a former leader and Pure Life Ministries graduate, shares his story of a long struggle with sin, and Steve Gallagher offers insights about the unique temptations that confront those in ministry.

#339 - Common Roadblocks to Victory Over Sexual Sin

Although we might wish for one, there's no quick fix for sexual sin. But when someone decides to fight for real victory, there are some steps they can take to address common problem areas. Ken Larkin debunks the common mindset that sexual sin is just a small problem, Jim Lewis diagnoses the dangers of pride, and Jeremiah Eakin provides encouragement about responding to failure.

#338 - Can My Boyfriend and I Really Stay Pure in Today's World?

The same contemporary influences that market casual sex to men also put pressure on single women to compromise. Offering hope to those who wonder whether godly relationships are still possible, biblical counselor Jessie Meldrum shares her vision for women who will fight for purity. Also in this episode: the cure for a "heart plague" and encouragement for hurting wives who feel unworthy of God's love.

#337 - Confronting the Lies People Believe About Porn

Pornography use is exploding in our smartphone culture, and it's fueled by porn's alluring but deceptive nature. To fight the cultural trend, we will have to dismantle the lies that surround pornography. First, a PLM audio article explores the untold history of the adult entertainment industry, and then Nate Danser debunks the myth that porn only affects the person using it.

#336 - What Will Success Look Like in Our Marriage Struggles?

When sexual sin comes out, everything in a marriage changes. But even though all of the couple's hopes and plans now seem threatened, there is a way to have a successful marriage after sexual sin. This podcast looks at things that can help a husband and wife restore their relationship as a couple and their individual walk with God. Adam and Shelly Gardner share their story of learning what true marriage success looks like, Kathy Gallagher talks about realistic expectations and Ken Larkin explains how a man in sin can completely change the direction of his life.

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#335 - Five Reasons Why People Struggle With Same-Sex Attraction

Homosexuality increasingly touches all our lives. More and more Christians know a friend, coworker or family member who identifies as gay...and many others are struggling with same-sex attraction themselves. Steve Gallagher draws on his knowledge of the issues involved and explores five reasons why people could feel drawn toward homosexuality. Also in this episode: Jim Lewis breaks down the basics of biblical counseling and Jeff and Rose Colón give couples advice on effective communication.

Check out these testimony videos from people who have struggled with homosexuality:
Jordan's Story
Brooks' Story

#334 - A Group Discussion About Singleness: Why It's (Really!) a Good Thing

This roundtable discussion offers sound advice to Christian singles about following Jesus and living in purity. Leaders from Madison Place Community Church offer biblical insight into how and why singleness can be a blessing for Christians. Plus, PLM Director of Ministry Outreach Nate Danser offers an inside look at the brand-new resource The Overcomers Series.

#333 - Where's the Line Between Temptation and Sin?

When someone is pursuing purity, they can count on facing a tidal wave of temptation. But just feeling tempted isn't wrong...so how can you tell the difference between temptation and actual sin? Ed Buch, the pastor of Pure Life Ministries' Residential Program, offers his own answer to this internal struggle. Plus, Steve Gallagher shares a preview of the 2019 Annual Conference, and Jeff and Rose Colón encourage struggling couples to pursue God's true path of blessing for their marriage.

#332 - How to Find Healing After Your Husband's Sexual Sin

Headlines abound with stories of sexual sin's devastating impact on women, and among those affected are countless wives who must face the devastation of their husbands' betrayal. Following up on the last episode, biblical counselor Carol Bourque and Pure Life Ministries co-founder Kathy Gallagher return to offer hope and the answers that can help wives navigate this painful trial, and Karla Buch shares her own story of tragedy, faith, and restoration.

#331 - The Devastation of Betrayal: How Sexual Sin Impacts Wives

No wife expects to make the painful discovery that her husband has a secret life of sexual sin. This episode explores how unfaithfulness impacts a wife through the eyes of two of the PLM wives' counselors. Pure Life’s co-founder, Kathy Gallagher, reveals the most painful effects of a husband's sin and speaks honestly about the struggle against unforgiveness and bitterness, and Carol Bourque describes unhealthy reactions wives often experience.

#330 - What Sexual Addicts and Pharisees Have in Common

Being a sexual addict and being a self-righteous Pharisee might not seem very similar on the surface. But often, these two spiritual problems overlap. Pastor Steve Gallagher explores the spiritual dynamics of why this happens, and pastor and evangelist Glenn Meldrum explains the antidote to powerless religiosity: a life that's truly "set apart" to God.

To read the original article that inspired this episode, go to our blog post below:
What Sex Addicts and Pharisees Have in Common

#329 - Vital Steps for Seeking Victory This Year

New Year's resolutions usually don't have real power to change people—the kind of power people in sexual sin desperately need to experience. But this episode presents essential truths that can produce lasting change. Counselor Jim Lewis explains why it's crucial to take responsibility for sexual sin, Dr. Daniel Berger clarifies the term “addiction” from a biblical perspective, and Pastor Ed Buch defines biblical repentance as the ultimate pathway to victory.

#328 - How to Help People in Sexual Sin: A Roundtable for Leaders

In this extended roundtable discussion, three Pure Life Ministries counselors explore answers to habitual sexual sin. Throughout the episode, the panel unpacks three of the fundamental issues that contribute to the overall problem of addiction. This in-depth conversation is designed to help pastors, counselors, and other church leaders by providing clear direction about how to effectively counsel people who are struggling.

#327 - A Christmas Podcast (by people who met Jesus)

The Christmas edition of our podcast focuses on Jesus as God's gift of life and features special content from a variety of guests and Pure Life Ministries staff. Pastor Dave Leopold shares his testimony of redemption, graduates read the Christmas story, and staff members offer personal reflections on Jesus and experiencing his presence every day.

#326 - A Leader's Guide to the Sexual Addict

As sexual sin increasingly threatens the church, leaders must respond by providing help for those under their care. This episode provides pastors, counselors, and others with a thoughtful perspective about three key problems that contribute to the overall issue of sexual addiction. Steve Gallagher explains the spiritual consequences created by sexual sin, and other Pure Life staff describe the hopelessness and the double life of a lifestyle of sin.

#325 - Thanksgiving Stories of Life-Changing Mercy

In this special Thanksgiving episode, guests share stories that focus on the amazing blessings of God. Scott and Erin Wilson tell the moving story of how God brought them through two devastating trials, and Steve and Kathy Gallagher remember some highlights from the 30-year history of Pure Life Ministries. Plus, Nate Danser explains how gratitude can help someone defeat sexual sin.

To view counselor Nathan Boer's testimony about the life-changing power of gratitude, check out this video:
How Gratitude to Jesus Defeated My Depression
You can find Erin Wilson's blog about Vivian here:
CaringBridge: Vivan Wilson

BONUS (from #325 - Thanksgiving Stories of Life-Changing Mercy)

Residential Program graduate Scott Wilson and his wife Erin share more about thankfulness and some initial efforts they made to deal with sexual sin in their marriage, and PLM Director of Ministry Outreach Nate Danser explores the deeper motivation for gratitude.

#324 - Helping Pastors Fight Sexual Sin in the Church

One of the biggest challenges confronting pastors is how to help those involved in sexual sin. This episode offers pastors hope and direction by sharing insights gleaned from 30 years of counseling experience. Pastor and evangelist Glenn Meldrum explains why sexual sin can be so overwhelming for pastors. Then, counselor Shawn Smith considers why secular accountability groups fall short of helping addicts, and the PLM wives counselors discuss how a wife should handle her husband’s confession of sin.

#323 - Three Forgotten Battles in the War for Purity

Just like a military conflict, the life-or-death struggle for purity depends on winning specific key battles. But in such an all-consuming fight, what areas should you focus on? This episode targets three important battles in the war for purity that people easily overlook. First, Steve Gallagher covers the vital practice of seeking God. Then, Nate Danser and Ed Buch reveal two subtle enemies we must overcome: the world and the "self-life."

#322 - How Do You Get Right With God?

It’s easy for people to assume the best about their spiritual lives. But Christians who are trapped in sexual sin often have doubts. Because they aren't seeing the powerful life changes that the gospel promises, they wonder where they're really at with God. In response, counselor Jim Lewis gives a biblical perspective on the most important question someone can ask: “What does it take to get right with God?” Also in this episode: developing a vibrant prayer life as a powerful weapon in the fight against sexual addiction.

For more information on how to get right with God, we encourage you to check out the following blog articles:
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Freedom Can Only be Found at the Cross
How Can I Be Saved and Still Be in Sexual Sin?

#321 - “My Own Life”: A Deadly Christian Myth

News headlines are full of warnings about deception, from online hacking to illegal business practices. In the spiritual world, Christians also face a deceptive enemy. He often attacks us with a very subtle myth: the idea that believers can still pursue their own self-focused life. Counselor Jordan Yoshimine clarifies the problems with this lie and contrasts it with biblical Christianity. Also in this episode: a powerful perspective on time versus eternity, and how Bible study connects to the quest for victory over sexual sin.

BONUS (from #321 - “My Own Life”: A Deadly Christian Myth)

Nate Danser, Pure Life's Director of Ministry Outreach, shares his own play-by-play strategy for deeper, more meaningful Bible study.

#320 - Help for Struggling Women and Hurting Wives

It's easy to associate sexual sin with men, but it's also a women's issue. More than 15% of Christian women are also addicted—and countless more are facing the overwhelming trauma of a husband's addiction. Today's episode highlights how sexual sin impacts women. Jessie Meldrum explains the specific challenges that women in addiction are dealing with, and Kathy Gallagher offers compassion and hope from thirty years of experience counseling hurting wives.

BONUS (from #320 - Help for Struggling Women and Hurting Wives)

Pure Life's co-founder Kathy Gallagher answers an additional concern that wives often have: "What if my husband needs help, but he's not willing to consider the Residential Program?"

#319 - Pleasure, Jesus, and the War for Your Heart

The pursuit of pleasure plays a key role in human decisions. But this poses a problem for Christians, since Jesus' life revolved around suffering and self-sacrifice. When following Jesus and pursuing pleasure lead us in opposite directions, what wins out? Counselor Ed Buch discusses the pitfalls of pleasure-driven living; Pure Life’s president, Steve Gallagher, urges us to fight a culture of hedonism; and Glenn Meldrum explores the radical lifestyle of Jesus.

#318 - Are We Accepting Addiction in the Church?

The statistics are clear: more and more Christians are becoming addicted to sex. But what's not clear is whether addiction might have other negative effects on the rest of the church. Could a rise in sexual sin among members be changing the church's overall attitude toward addiction? And when so many seem to be in bondage, how can the church respond to offer hope?

BONUS (from #318 - Are We Accepting Addiction in the Church?)

Evangelist Glenn Meldrum shares how God can change the trend of addiction in the church, and counselor Jordan Yoshimine speaks personally about temptation and walking with God.

#317 - Am I Just “Struggling” or Addicted?

Those dealing with sexual sin sometimes have difficulty understanding what's happening to them. In a world filled with sexual temptations, it can be hard to judge whether what someone is experiencing qualifies as a serious problem or not. Ken Larkin explores what addiction actually looks like, and Ryan Schiavo illustrates the progression from his personal story.

BONUS (From #317 - Am I Just “Struggling” or Addicted?)

Counselor Ken Larkin tackles more questions about the nature of addiction and the way to escape it.


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