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At a Call to Purity Weekend we bring the message of truth, hope and purity that God has planted in our ministry and nurtured for over 30 years. Our purpose is to re-ignite a passion for Jesus and the power of His Cross. It is at the Cross—and the Cross alone—where power can be found to resist the sexualized culture in which we live.

This Weekend will awaken your church to the schemes of the enemy. It will be a call to the men in your church to return to God’s image of purity and holiness.

This life-changing Weekend prepares Christians to:

  • Live pure amid the unclean atmospheres all around us

  • Honor God with their thoughts

  • Make needed life changes

  • Protect their homes from ungodly influences

  • Restore broken relationships

In addition, although we do address sexual sin, we speak to matters of the HEART and having a full surrender to the Lord. Our most common comment after an event is “I wish I knew what this event was really going to be about. I would’ve invited more people to come.”

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Pastor's Perspective

Hear from pastors who have hosted a Call To Purity Weekend at their church.

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Our Speaking Team

Every member of our speaking team uniquely embodies the biblical message of purity and freedom they teach to others. They have learned how to keep their own hearts pure in the midst of this sexualized culture, and all have a burden to help others walk in purity.

We believe those caught up in sexual sin need biblical solutions and an encounter with the power of God. It is this dependence upon the Lord that makes our teachings so effective. Given our speaking team's breadth of experience, they are able to cover a wide range of topics and minister to a broad spectrum of people.


Glenn was saved in the early 1970s through a revival that swept the nation called the Jesus Movement. The Lord then called he and his wife, Jessica to start an outreach on the streets of Detroit, Michigan. In a short time the outreach became a church which they pastored for 12 years. In 1997, the Lord called he and Jessica to an evangelistic ministry; challenging the church and calling the lost to Jesus. Through Glenn’s stirring and compassionate preaching, saints and sinners alike are called to repentance, holiness, and intimacy with God. He is the author of 3 books and the founder of In His Presence Ministries.

Jim Lewis is a Biblical Counselor at Pure Life Ministries. He received a B.A. in Religion from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, FL and both the M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Dr. Lewis served as a pastor for 30 years.

Luke Imperato graduated the Pure Life Ministries Residential Program in 2016 after over 15 years of uncontrolled sexual immorality. The Lord transformed his life, and he is currently a Certified Biblical Counselor for the Residential Program. Luke served as a combat medic in the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. As a medic in both civilian and military environments, Luke’s passion has long been to help those in need. Today as a counselor, he now applies Biblical principles to assist those bound in chains of sexual sin, that they might find hope and freedom through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Jessica Meldrum is a Bible teacher to women’s groups, emphasizing prayer and the deeper life teachings. She also serves the Lord as a Biblical counselor helping women in crisis to find repentance, healing and reconciliation through the Word of God which gives us “all things that are needful for life and godliness." Jessica has authored a book called Floods on Dry Ground: Story of the Hebrides Awakening. It is the extraordinary account of the Scottish Hebrides revival and the testimony of Duncan Campbell, a minister greatly used during this visitation.

Dustin Renz is a graduate of Southeastern University. Prior to entering Pure Life Ministries in April 2011, he and his wife, Brittany, served as Missionary Associates in Macedonia. At Pure Life, he had a life-changing encounter with God that radically altered his life, including his marriage and ministry. He currently serves as the Associate Pastor of Kettering Assembly of God. Dustin is also the founder of Make Way Ministries, which exists to see the Body of Christ awaken, mature and arise to its responsibility in these last days. Dustin currently resides in Ohio with his wife of thirteen years, and his two daughters, Abigail and Claire.


Event Schedule


7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Worship and Speaking Session


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Worship and Two Speaking Sessions


(Optional) Have a Pure Life Speaker speak at your Sunday AM service


Event Cost

Pure Life Ministries does not charge a speaking fee. Cost for the event consists of traveling expenses for our speaking team and a love offering taken up during the event. An initial $250 deposit is required upon scheduling the event.

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Other Events

Our Call to Purity Weekend is an entire conference package, but our speaking team is also available to come speak as a part of your own purity themed event.

The Call to Purity Weekend can also be much more than a single event. At times, host churches have used it to kick-off or wrap-up a season-long commitment to teaching, small group study and discipleship on the subject of purity. Over and over again, the Weekend has led many men into true repentance, opening the way for long-term transformation of their lives.

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