Supplemental Counseling

Supplemental Counseling is our way of providing follow-up counseling to our graduates on an as-needed basis.

If you have graduated from either the Residential Program or the Overcomers At-Home Program (OCAH), you may apply for Supplemental Counseling at any time, even if it has been years since your graduation.

This program is intended to provide a resource for graduates during key times in their life—such as getting married, dealing with relapses, or other short-term crises—when a few weeks of solid biblical counseling would be particularly helpful.

Supplemental Counseling is a phone-based service with one of our certified biblical counselors. Participants work through daily assignments, send in their homework and have a 30-minute counseling session over the phone each week. The counseling continues for up to six sessions.

If desired, you may apply for additional increments of six sessions consecutively, or you may re-apply at any time in the future. Whenever possible, you will be intentionally assigned a different counselor than the one you had while previously enrolled in our programs.

The cost for Supplemental Counseling is $490. This fee includes up to six sessions, as well as all homework materials assigned by the counselor. The fee is not refunded or prorated, even if the counseling is terminated prior to the sixth session. Full payment is due prior to the first session, and acceptance is always dependent upon the availability of counselors.

Call 888.PURELIFE for more information.