The Audacity of Faith by Glenn Meldrum on 8/10/21

The Audacity of Faith

Faith is vital in the life of a believer. If we possess a bold and audacious faith in God’s Word, in His promises, and in His character, then any trial thrown at us by either the world, the devil, or our own flesh will not overcome us. Instead, we will be fixed on an immovable Rock, on an unshakable foundation. In this message, Glenn Meldrum challenges us to examine our faith, to see if it lines up with the faith that the Bible calls us to.

Glenn was saved in the early 1970s through a revival that swept the nation called the Jesus Movement. In 1997, the Lord called him and Jessica to an evangelistic ministry; challenging the church and calling the lost to Jesus. He is the author of 3 books and the founder of In His Presence Ministries.

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