Purity for Life is the bi-weekly podcast from Pure Life Ministries. Each episode will take you where real life meets real Christianity as we tackle the tough issues for those struggling with sexual sin. Thanks for listening!


Episode #1808 - The Secret of Great Faith

It’s pretty well known that faith is a basic part of Christianity. And yet the truth is, faith is a struggle. Life is filled with problems—from day-to-day issues to long-term battles that just don’t seem to go away. If we’re going to make it, our faith needs to grow. But what does that look like? In today’s message, pastor Ed Buch reveals two unexpected keys to stronger faith—and how they’re available to every one of us.

Episode #1807 - A Life Changed: Bert Demicell, Spirit of the Age, Counseling Young People

This week: Successful businessman Bert Demicell shares how losing it all forced him to face his secret life and find redemption. Next, we’ll look at alarming trends in the American church—and their connection to 2,000-year-old prophecy. Plus, Jeff Colón discusses the epidemic of sexual abuse and how to offer real help and hope to young people who’ve been hurt.

Episode #1806 - 2018 Annual Conference, Some Hidden Sin, How Do I Know If My Husband Has Changed?

This week: "Having a love of the truth means that even when the truth hurts, you invite it," says Pastor Steve Gallagher, joining us for an exclusive preview of our 2018 Annual Conference. Next, Ken Larkin joins us for our Ask the Counselor segment, and we’ll discuss the challenging question of confessing sexual sin to your spouse. Plus, how can a wife know if her husband has really changed? We’ll talk to Kathy Gallagher for the answer.

Episode #1805 - Lessons in Spiritual Warfare

This week: In modern America, the idea of spiritual warfare can seem distant and unreal—like the plot of some fantasy movie. And yet for Christians struggling with addictions, fighting unseen forces of evil is part of everyday life. But just how can believers succeed in spiritual warfare? Pastor Ed Buch offers basic training from God’s Word for those who want victory.

Episode #1804 - The Message of the Cross

This week: "If any man would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me." This statement was intended to profoundly impact its hearers. For millennia it has transformed many into true Christ-followers. And yet, multitudes have turned a deaf ears. We'll talk with Steve Gallagher about the message of the cross, and what it means to truly respond.

Episode #1803 - Making Restitution for Past Sins, How to Be a Great Lover, Is it OK to Lust After Your Wife?

This week: Are you feeling like you need to make restitution for past sins? We'll talk through how to know what is appropriate, and what's not, when making restitution. And, sexual sin is a destroyer, especially of intimacy within marriage. We'll look at some key points for men who have really repented, and want to know how to be a great lover. Plus, what's the best way to keep our hearts pure when separated from our spouse for long periods of time?

Episode #1802 - The Blessings of Discipline

This week: Discipline is never a pleasant thing to experience, because it always involves pain. And yet, to a Christian who truly knows the love of God, discipline is something that we can learn to be grateful for. Pastor Steve Gallagher reminds us that God always disciplines His sons, and always has a good purpose in it— no matter how difficult the discipline may seem at the time.

Episode #1801 - The Fall of Babylon, The Importance of Pursuing God, Forgiveness

This week: The world is getting darker, and the enemy seems to be winning. But we know that Christ will win the ultimate victory. Steve Gallagher joins us to talk about “the fall of Babylon.” And, we’ll offer some practical suggestions for increasing your intimacy with the Lord in the midst of the chaos and busyness of life. Plus, Kathy Gallagher talks about navigating through the process of forgiveness and rebuilding trust in a relationship.

Episode #1726 - Overcoming Lust, A Residential Graduate's Story

This week: When we think of lust, it’s easy to confine it to sexual behaviors and wandering eyes. But we need to think about it the way God does. Brad Furges joins us to talk about the nature of lust, how it manifests, and how to overcome it. Plus, a successful career and happy marriage came crashing down when Shawn’s sexual sin was exposed. But this wasn’t the end. Shawn and Susan Smith share their story of excruciating pain, true surrender, and God’s mighty power.

Episode #1725 - The Normal Christian's Life

This week: If you were to ask someone in the church today, “what is normal Christianity?” You may get answers like: going to church, being a good person, or believing that Jesus died for your sins and was raised on the third day. But what does the bible say are the signs and fruit of a normal Christian? What key characteristics did God specifically record for us that describe the normal day to day life of a true believer?

Episode #1724 - Ministering to Hurting Wives, Having Trouble Trusting

This Week: Nothing is more devastating than finding out that someone you vowed to love has betrayed you through sexual sin. And often times, in the midst of the pain, we need a reminder that God is still working. Jeff and Rose Colon join us to show how we should respond so that God’s good purposes come to pass. Plus, many wives want to know: is it possible to trust a spouse who has been unfaithful, even if he has truly repented?

Episode #1723 - Battle to a Beautiful Mind, Dealing with Memories, Enabler

This week: Many Christians would be happy to be free from outward sexual sin. But God’s standard, and His desire for us, is much higher than that. Ed Buch talks about how to fight for a pure mind. Also, we will look at how to win the victory over the memories of sinful things we have done in the past. Plus, sometimes a wife wants to come alongside her struggling husband, but,inadvertently, she enables him in his sin. Kathy Gallagher offers guidance for wives who really want to help.

Episode #1722 - A Place For God's Rest

This week: If you follow the storyline of redemptive history, you’ll find an amazing thought: God wants to fully dwell inside of His people. But, if we’re honest, many of us have to admit that we haven’t sufficiently prepared our hearts for Him to take up residence. Our brother Josh Bergstrom will talk about what kind of house God desires to build, and how He will go about building that house.

Episode #1721 - How to Not Fulfill Fleshly Lusts, Keeping an Atmosphere of Mercy at Home

This week: When a person is enslaved to their desires, living a life in the spirit can seem like an unattainable goal. But even though it may FEEL impossible, God has made a way! Plus, when we are being controlled by our self-life, the atmosphere in our homes will be less than desirable. We'll look at how our interactions with our spouse should be seen as one more opportunity to walk in a spirit of mercy.

Episode #1720 - Ready for the Lord, A Residential Graduate's Story

This week: It’s easy to fill our lives with little pleasures and little distractions. But a life like this can have devastating side-effects. Pastor Steve Gallagher focuses on our great need to prioritize a life spent in God’s presence. Plus, “It wasn’t just a problem that I could deal with and move on, it was a fundamental problem with me.” One of our graduates shares his story of being transformed by God.

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