Reversing the Spiral of Degradation by Nate Danser on 12/01/2021

Reversing the Spiral of Degradation

Every person is headed in a direction spiritually. Those who are bound in habitual sin have walked a path that has led them deeper and deeper into spiritual death and destruction. This downward trend is most vividly depicted in Romans 1, and can be termed, “the spiral of degradation." But praise God, there is hope. Those who have traveled this weary path have a way out. In this message, Nate Danser describes for us the steps that bring us to this desperate state, and the beautiful gift that will lead us up and out of it into real spiritual life.

Nate holds a Bachelor’s degree in History from Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA. After college he worked both as a worship leader and also as a counselor at a residential treatment facility for juvenile sex offenders. He has served in our Media Department since he came on board in 2009.

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