The Need for a Cleansed Heart by Steve Gallagher on 01/04/2023

The Need for a Cleansed Heart

God loves those who are pure in heart. The problem is that humans tend to not value this purity on the inside – purity in our thinking and in our feelings. Instead, men and women often spend a lot of time trying to look good on the outside. This can set us up for disaster because it allows us to hide or excuse sinful behavior if others perceive us as good. That’s why someone can attend church regularly but be addicted to porn or involved in other forms of sexual sin. But the good news is that God can help us change. He can help us desire purity in our inward lives. Find out how God does this by listening to this message by Pastor Steve Gallagher.

Steve Gallagher is the Founder and President of Pure Life Ministries. He has dedicated his life to helping men find freedom from sexual sin and leading Christians into the abundant life in God that comes through deep repentance.

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