The Normal Christian Life

If you were to ask someone in the church today, "What is normal Christianity?" you may get answers like: going to church or believing that Jesus died for your sins and was raised on the third day. But what does the Bible say are the signs and fruit of a normal Christian? What key characteristics did God specifically record for us that describe the normal day to day life of a true believer?

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Why Sex Addicts are so Afraid

Often, we find ourselves stuck in unbelief, feeling powerless to cease from the behaviors we know are sinful, and powerless to put into practice the steps Jesus has invited us to take toward freedom from our sins. Truthfully, we aren’t just stuck; we’re paralyzed by fear.

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The Collapse of a Pastor into Pornography

The pastor's downfall underscores the fact that one doesn’t lose a war overnight; rather, the war is lost through an accumulation of defeats in the daily life. However, it would be superficial to see indulgence in pornography as the real calamity of his life. While this man maintained the exterior image of a godly pastor, the truth was that in his inner life he had long since sold out to the prince of this world.

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